Affiliate networks

Affiliates are intermediary platforms that promote your products, you are charged per sale.


Affiliate networks come in all shapes and sizes and areas of specialism. Within an affiliate network there are publishers and advertisers. As a seller you are the advertiser, the publisher is the party that promotes your products.

How does it work?

If you want to start working with affiliate marketing, you have to make sure you can supply your products in an XML feed to the affiliate network. Each network has its own preferred configuration for the feed.

Step 1:
Provide your feed so that publishers can import your products to their own websites and the promotional campaign can start.

Step 2:
You have to implement a tracking code on your own website, so the affiliate network knows when a sale has been triggered by a publisher. In that case, the publisher is entitled to a fee that you have set for a sale.

Step 3:
Set your account at the affiliate network and decide the fee that will be paid when a sale has been triggered. Then get the campaign live.


Attention: a fee may often be due up to 100 days after a buyer has been directed to your webshop.


- Europe
- Affiliate network
- Charges for clicks, leads, sales


- Europe
- Affiliate network
- Charges for clicks, leads, sales