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Integrate webshop with evolved from a price comparison website to a full blown marketplace. They focus on Dutch and Belgian customers. The beslist marketplace has over 30 product categories and that makes this marketplace suitable for almost every seller. Did you knew that has over 4 million monthly visitors? You can reach these consumers without big costs, but without automation can give this a lot of error-phrone work. Can you reach these consumers with your webshop, without extra work of mistakes? Sure. You can integrate your webshop with

You will have extra turnover, but no extra work!

How does a integration work?

You can integrate your webshop with via EffectConnect. By integrating your webshop with via EffectConnect, stock levels will be accurate, orders will automatically be imported into your own webshop and track&trace codes will be exported to With our integration is your delivery perfomance perfectly under control.

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  • The Netherlands and Belgium
  • 4 million monthly visitors
  • commission per sold product: 1%-15%
  • There is no monthly selling fee
  • shares all customer information
  • You can sell products in all categories
  • You only can sell on if your shop exists over 1 year

Import orders

Import orders into your own webshop.

Track&trace feedback

Sync track&trace codes with

Stock updates

Synchronize stock levels continuously with Beslist.

Product information

Upload product information with our mapping tool.

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More information? Click on your webshop platform for more information about selling via!

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Because we started using EffectConnect we can spend more time on the development of our company, optimizing processes and improving our purchasing and product assortment.

Does the integration work for the Netherlands and Belgium?

Yes it does! You can use our integration to connect to both countries.
Orders will be imported from both countries.

Can I setup shipping costs for

Sure, no problem. You can setup shipping costs for the Netherlands and Belgium separately.

Am I bound to a long-term contract?

No. Your account is monthly terminable. But,.. you may not want to miss the automation we offer!

Does EffectConnect take a revenue share?

No, we don’t. We charge a monthly fee based on the number of marketplaces you connect to. We won’t take any revenue share.