Logistics via bol.com

Create a stock of your range of articles at bol.com

Logistics via bol.com is an additional service provided by bol.com whereby you can place part or all of your stock in the bol.com warehouse. Bol.com then delivers the articles to the customers, provides customer service and takes care of return orders. You do not receive the order as a normal plaza order in your own webshop.


How does it work?

You conclude an agreement with bol.com for LVB. The logistics via bol.com page on the bol.com website explains which steps you have to take. You then upload your articles (you can, of course, also do this via EffectConnect), and indicate which articles you want to sell via LBV.
You must make sure that these articles arrive in the right way at the bol.com warehouse in Waalwijk. The precise specifications for this step will be sent to you by bol.com.

If you use LVB, you will also pay for storing the articles in addition to a commission fee. The precise costs will be specified by bol.com.

EffectConnect will update the prices for LVB on bol.com, but not the stocks, as stock management of these articles is arranged by bol.com.

Advantages of logistics via bol.com

Placing a stock of your articles in the bol.com warehouse has the following benefits:

  • bol.com dispatches the articles
  • bol.com takes care of return shipments
  • bol.com provides customer service
  • customers have 30 days in which to return the goods
  • customers can choose the delivery address and time

Read about all the benefits on bol.com.