Selling via plaza

Link via EffectConnect to plaza and reach 6 million consumers

Since 2011, has offered plaza as a way of enabling professional sellers to offer their products via The marketplace of opens up a way for sellers to reach 6 million consumers in one go! With EffectConnect you can quickly get selling, and offering your products via will take up little of your time.


How does it work?

The seller offers the products on, which is possible via EffectConnect. When the articles are placed online, they can be bought by consumers. The consumer pays, who in turn (after the period in which goods can be returned has elapsed) pays the seller. You only pay when you receive an order. This is based on a variable commission fee (view percentages here) and a fixed rate.

For more information about the general terms & conditions and the methods applied by visit (page is in Dutch).


Unique for content mapping tool

EffectConnect offers a unique mapping tool, which, based on the data model, is a simple way to influence your product content in the right way and generate content at

  • Link own attributes to attributes
  • Check permitted values at attributes
  • Influence titles
  • Influence descriptions
  • Automatically upload product images


Important factors

If you sell on, you will be faced by competitors. Other sellers frequently offer the same articles that you are selling. The buyer chooses from all the sellers, and takes pricing, delivery time and ratings and reviews into consideration.

  • Make sure you have a competitive delivery time
  • Keep your promises - this has a positive effect on the ratings and reviews
  • Make sure you have a competitive price (our repricer does this automatically)


Sell using your own name

If you sell articles via plaza, you sell under your own name and reputation. When a consumer is about to make a purchase, he or she will see that the article is being offered by an extremal seller. They can also read what other buyers say about that particular seller. It is therefore vital to ensure you keep your delivery time promise to customers. Failure to do so will not only damage your reputation on, but also your reputation elsewhere!


Outsource logistics to

It may be interesting to outsource your logistics to You still sell your articles under your own name on, but you have the benefit of certain other advantages. For instance, quick delivery, customer service outsourced, and the returned goods process will be taken care of by Read more about Delivery via here.


Processes automated by EffectConnect

What EffectConnect basically does is take all the cares out of your hands. It is also a tool that helps you improve your performance on marketplaces. A number of processes automated by EffectConnect are listed below. This is just a selection - to learn more about the benefits, try a no-obligation 30-day free trial.

Add unique assortment

Use our unique mapping tool to easily add your unique assortment to

Stock updates

Out of stock articles will be automatically removed from Avoid having to say no!

Price updates

Do your prices change a lot? No worries! EffectConnect updates your prices on Repricing based on competitors’ pricing strategy is also possible.

Orders and track & trace codes

Import orders to your own logistic environment. We automatically collect the track & trace codes!



Did you know..

That 90% of the content automation at is done by EffectConnect?

EffectConnect has already linked to plaza since its inception in 2012?

EffectConnect implements thousands of orders and price updates every day?

EffectConnect and enjoy a good relationship and have short communication lines?

These guys have already paved the way for you…