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Reprice your articles in line with competitors

If you sell articles on, you will soon notice you are not alone! A certain article is often sold by various other sellers. So how do you make sure consumers buy your articles, and not articles offered by the competition?

These factors are decisive

To determine which offering is the 'best', examines multiple factors. For example, the delivery time of your articles, the price and your performance rating as a seller (in other words, how you score on reliability etc.).

  • Price
  • Delivery time
  • Ranking (your score according to reviews by customers of


The EffectConnect repricer can be used to influence the price for an optimal offering, however, you remain responsible for reliable delivery times and keeping your delivery promise. Our repricer assumes that you have these aspects well under control. If your delivery times are poor, the repricer cannot do its work as effectively.

Repricer functionalities

  • Set several reprice rules
  • Determine which articles are included and for which conditions
  • Determine your own maximum and minimum price
  • Determine when the repricer has to work
  • Exclude sellers you do not want to compete with

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