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Personal coaching session with clear next steps

Solid advice and clear next steps

Most blogs and whitepapers tell a lot about how to setup certain aspects of your company to really work well in an ecommerce environment.

However, it's not always that simple to implement those abstract information in your own company. That's why we're introducing coaching sessions, to come up with a solid advice and clear next steps for your company, based on the challenges and needs you have.

You'll be working by a step-by-step plan to optimize your company for ecommerce.

Possible questions

  • How can I start with selling on marketplaces?
  • I have data in different systems, how can I integrate data?
  • I work with EffectConnect, but do I use it efficiently?
  • How can I optimize data flows and how do I arrange that?
  • I work on this specific way, can't I do that on a easier way?
  • Which software / systems do I need to work as efficiently as possible?

Bart founded his first IT company in 2003 and has since never left the branche.


Benefit from years of experience

As an ecommerce entrepeneur and founder of EffectConnect, Bart Vintcent (ceo EffectConnect) has seen a lot of different challenges that customers have.

By being in touch with all of these ecommerce companies, he culd build vast experience to help your business forward and identify the right solutions for you quickly.

Skip the pitfalls

A lot of entrepeneurs that are working on their first endeavor in a certain type of business will step into pitfalls. Pitfalls that other entrepeneurs before them have also stepped in. We'd like to prevent you from stepping into these obvious pitfalls.

Apart from telling you which steps you need to take, we will also tell you which steps to certainly not take to prevent from falling into those pitfalls. This will save time and money. Learn from best practices and don't try to reinvent the wheel.


What does coaching entail?

  • We think along and give you advise, tailored to your organization
  • We offer a source of information regarding "how do others do that?"
  • Sparring partner / consultant when searching for possible software
  • We can make an inventory of data flows in your organization
  • We help you organize data streams optimally, so that you work efficiently and without errors
  • You will receive a clear report of the advice and any processes that have been set up.

Easy to understand

There are many agencies claiming to be marketpalce experts nowadays. Some of them indeed have a lot of expertise and can help really help you with your marketplace endeavors. However, a lot of 'agencies' are mostly experts in selling their own services at pretty hefty hourly rates. There's a lot of talking and meeting, but not really much is being said.

Our coaching sessions are simple and straightforward. You won't need your fancy-words dictionairy. Just easy to understand advice to help you move forward fast.

Our sessions in short:

  • Easy to understand
  • Simple and straightforward 
  • From out of your own office
  • Clear next steps



Following the advice there might me some work to be done in the next steps. For example software development tasks.

Since we have a dedicated development team at EffectConnect for these kind of tasks, we can help you with the execution of this type of work. For example setting up a PIM or building an integration for your logistical processes.

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