Comparison platform engines

Platforms or engines used by consumers to compare the price of products

Comparison platforms are almost as old as the internet itself. These platforms are used when a consumer knows what he or she wants to buy, but is looking for a wide range of sellers to choose from.


Cost per click

Comparison platforms generally work using the cost per click model. You have pay a certain fee every time a buyer clicks from a comparison platform to your webshop. This fee is often just a few cents, but in certain cases it can be a few euros.



The visibility of your articles on comparison platforms often depends on the bidding for the pay per click. What this means is the maximum pay per click that you set for your advertisements. A bid with a higher pay per click will have better visibility than articles with a pay per click set at a lower maximum CPC.


Standard integration with comparison platforms

EffectConnect offers standard integration with a number of comparison platforms. Is your comparison platform not listed? Let us know and we will try to add a standard integration for you!

Google Shopping

- Global
- CPC determines visibility


- 21 countries
- CPC determines visibility

Tweakers Pricewatch

- the Netherlands and Belgium
- Charge based on clicks

- Germany
- 15 million visitors monthly
- Charge based on clicks

- the Netherlands and Belgium
- 5 million visitors monthly
- Charge based on clicks

Facebook Product Ads

- Global
- 1.7 billion visitors monthly
- Charge based on clicks

Free feedmanager 30 day trial

Do you want to join comparison platforms? It couldn't be easier than with the EffectConnect feedmanager. And, you can have a free 30-day trial of the feedmanager!


  • Free 30 day trial, with no obligations
  • Satisfied and want to keep using it? It's possible from 15 euros per month
  • We continually add new comparison platforms links


Checklist starting with comparison platform sites

Starting out with comparison platforms? Use these tips:

  • Make sure your range is up to date
  • Set your bids and avoid unexpected costs
  • Make sure your webshop is in good order for optimal conversion
  • Make sure the buyer buys directly from you next time