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Since 2005, has been providing an overview of the best offers for online shoppers. With over 22,500 webshops on file, they serve more than 300,000 daily visitors. These visitors have a choice of more than 1 million products and account for a turnover of €70 million per year. With's innovative search tool, the customer can see the product with the cheapest price within a few clicks on his screen.

How to build feeds for

  1. Create an EffectConnect Feed Manager account
    You can start using our Feed Manager within minutes. Fill out your name, email address and the platform you work with on the form and you're ready to go!
  2. Import the source feed
    EffectConnect supports various source feeds; the data can be extracted from your webshop, imported via API or you can upload a CSV or XML file.
  3. Create an account at
    Create an account at and link it to your EffectConnect Feed Manager account. You do this by adding to your Feed Manager dashboard using the 'Add Feed' button. Select as a channel and you can start optimizing your feed!
  4. Optimize Feed
    Once your source data has been imported and has been linked to the EffectConnect account, you can start optimizing your feed. The great thing about our Feed Manager tool is that you can customize the feed completely by creating attributes and conditions. Read more about how you create these attributes yourself in this blog.
  5. Ready to upload!
    All that remains is to upload the product feed to, with just one click! Swipe the button to 'Online' and your product feed is automatically being uploaded to and you’re ready to start advertising!
  • Best known price comparison of Germany
  • More than 22,500 connected shops
  • More than 1 million products
  • 300,000 daily users

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