Magento integration with EffectConnect

Link your Magento environment to EffectConnect and sell direct via marketplaces and comparison platforms.

Magento is the most widely-used e-commerce platform in the world. Countless numbers of Dutch and Belgian users and developers use this open-source platform on a daily basis.

EffectConnect helps hundreds of Magento users with the automation required for marketplaces, ranging from relatively small e-commerce specialists to well-known A-brands.

EffectConnect for Magento can be used from 100 euros excl. VAT per month (for the marketplace link) or 15 euros per month (for just the feedmanager). Use our entirely free of obligation, 30-day trial period to experience the added value EffectConnect can offer your organisation.

Our user-friendly Magento plugin makes installation and configuration easy.
Are you a Magento 2 user? Click here for further details about connecting EffectConnect to Magento 2.

Checklist starting on marketplaces from Magento

Do you want to start selling on, Amazon, Beslist or another marketplace from your Magento webshop? These are the most important points to pay attention to:

  • You cannot start trading without EAN numbers
  • Check if you are allowed to sell the articles online in the chosen country
  • Check if the commission fee asked by the marketplaces is acceptable for you
  • Content is king, certainly when creating a unique range
  • Determine from which storeview your data must originate

Installing the plugin is simple - just watch the video!

Prices EffectConnect for Magento

EffectConnect is available for Magento users from 100 euros per month. For that price, you can sell a maximum of 1000 products on one marketplace account.

Do you need more? Calculate the price using our price table:

0-1000 products
1001 - 5000 products
5001 - 15000 products

Extra marketplace
Repricer for or amazon
Feedmanager (incl. three feeds/1000 prod.)
€ 100,- per month
€ 200,- per month
€ 250,- per month

€ 25,- per month
€ 50,- per month
€ 15,- per month



Including expertise and support

EffectConnect is not just supplied as a tool. You are not just buying amazing software to serve marketplaces and comparison platforms, you also get the expertise of our support staff!

  • Free support, always
  • Emergency help line available free outside office hours
  • Need help setting an account? We are here!
  • Creating the optimal feed for Google Shopping? No problem!
  • Free installation service for Magento users



Full explanation and 30 day trial!