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Easily connect your Magento webshop to and automate sales

Selling on enables you to quickly reach an large audience for your products and boost your sales. To prevent errors and improve performance, automation is a must-have. We'll connect your Magento webshop to

With EffectConnect your Magento webshop is easily connected to The integration will keep your stock levels and prices in sync on and will automatically import orders and shipment information.
Selling products not yet available in the catalogue? You can use the productinformation from Magento to add these products to the catalogue.

You can sell on automatically with your Magento webshop starting at 100 Euros per month (VAT excluded). Ofcourse we'll get you a 30-day free trial and help you with the installation and configuration of the Magento plugin. integration for Magento 1 en Magento 2

Automate with EffectConnect and get this:

  • Magento stock synchronized with
  • Prices don't need to be equal to Magento prices. Apply surcharges or use our repricer to beat your competition.
  • Orders get imported to a storeview of choice in Magento.
  • Track&trace codes will be forwarded to automatically.
  • Installation can be done in 10 minutes. We'll help you with that.



Integrations for for Magento start at 100 Euros per month. You can sell up to 1000 products.

Need more? Check our pricing table:

0-1000 products
1001 - 5000 products
5001 - 15000 products

Extra marketplace (f.e. 2nd account)
Repricer for
€ 100,- per month
€ 200,- per month
€ 250,- per month

€ 25,- per month
€ 50,- per month



Support and marketplace experts included

We've been connecting to the marketplace ever since it started. By doing so, we've learned a lot and gained a lot of expertise on the integrations. EffectConnect isn't only a piece of software, it's a solution with good software and experienced support team.

  • Free support, always
  • Office closed and in need of help? We've got you
  • Help needed with the configuration of your account? Sure!
  • Analysis of your prices? Ofcourse!
  • Assistence with the installation on Magento, free.
  • Available for Magento 1 and Magento 2

Try for free for 30 days!