Integrate Mijnwebwinkel webshop with online marketplaces

Reach millions of European consumers and increase your revenue by selling on marketplaces, straight from your webshop

Integrate Mijnwebwinkel with marketplaces

Mijnwebwinkel is a Dutch webshop software provider with over 42.000 connected webshops. Mijnwebwinkel is the most used webshop software in the Netherlands. Mijnwebwinkel is known for her simplicity and the fact that you can start right away. Mijnwebwinkel is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to start quickly and also very simple. Therefore you don’t need any technical knowledge for making a good webshop in no time. Mijnwebwinkel offers both a free package and a package where you do need to pay for, depending on the needs of the webshop owner. Mijnwebwinkel is seen as the ideal platform for beginning webshops.

Why do you need to integrate your Mijnwebwinkel webshop with marketplaces? You will reach millions of European consumers without big investments or extra hours. The marketplaces will do the marketing, you will get the orders! To prevent mistakes and enhance performances is it a must to integrate your Mijnwebwinkel webshop with marketplaces.

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Checklist: When can you start selling on marketplaces from your Mijnwebwinkel webshop?

Do you want to sell on Amazon,, Wish or an other marketplace from your own Mijnwebwinkel webshop? These are the most important points:

  • You can’t sell anywhere without EAN codes.
  • Check if you can sell your products online in the countries of your choice.
  • Determine if you are okay with the commissions that marketplaces ask.
  • Content is king, especially with creating an unique assortment.

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Prices Mijnwebwinkel integration

You can Integrate your Mijnwebwinkel webshop with marketplaces starting from 49 euro’s per month. Curious at which price you can integrate your Mijnwebwinkel webshop with marketplaces? You can fill in your credentials in the form on the right and request a quote.

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EffectConnect enables us to easily upload our entire product catalog to marketplaces. Orders are imported into our own backoffice and the mobile app allows us to follow our marketplace sales on the go. EffectConnect saves our marketeers and developers a lot of time.

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  • Always free support by chat, phone or mail.
  • Mobile app for realtime insight, the app is completely free of charge.
  • Free help with installing? Of course!
  • Grow with the expertise of the EffectConnect team.

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