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Blokker is a well known retailer in the Netherlands. Formarly online offline but these days is their online presence is also quite big. Blokker sells products in 12 product categories, ranging from electronics to loungesets. There is a categorie for almost every seller! That makes the Blokker marketplace a good sales channel for almost any business and makes it a marketplace you should definitely consider selling on. Did you knew that has 4 million monthly visitors? You can reach these consumers by selling products via Blokker does the marketing and you will get the orders! You can do this by adding products on yourself, but the best option is to integrate your Prestashop webshop with

Adding products on is a time-consuming and error-phrone task. Especially when you have a big shop with a lot of products. When you integrate your Prestashop webshop with you prevent mistakes, save time and enhance performances. Do you want to reach millions of consumers on but not let it become a time-consuming and error-phrone task? Then you should integrate your Prestashop webshop with

How does a Prestashop + Blokker integration work?

You can integrate your Prestashop webshop with via EffectConnect. By integrating your Prestashop webshop with via EffectConnect, stock levels will be accurate, orders will automatically be imported into your own Prestashop webshop and track&trace codes will be exported to With our integration is your delivery perfomance perfectly under control. We also have a repricer for Blokker which makes it easy to outsmart your competitors.

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  • Netherlands
  • 4 million monthly visitors
  • 6%-15% commission per sold product
  • There is a monthly selling fee of €39.90
  • Blokker sells products in 12 categories
  • Buy box is based on: price, delivery time and service
  • We have a Blokker repricer
  • Blokker is a closed marketplace, there is a selection
  • You agree with a delivery reliability of 98%
  • The pay out term is twice a month

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Order import

Import orders in your own Prestashop webshop.

Track&trace feedback

Sync track&trace codes from webshop.

Dynamic pricing

Smart tooling for product pricing, such as the repricer.

Product content

Upload product information with our mapping tool.

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Pricing Prestashop integration Blokker

You can integrate your Prestashop webshop with your Blokker account starting at 99 euros per month. That’s with the order import included! Want to learn what a subscription tailored to your situation would look like? You can fill in your credentials in the form on the right and we’ll get in touch asap!

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EffectConnect enables us to easily upload our entire product catalog to marketplaces. Orders are imported into our own backoffice and the mobile app allows us to follow our marketplace sales on the go. EffectConnect saves our marketeers and developers a lot of time.

Free support and expertise

  • Free support by phone, e-mail and chat.
  • Mobile app for realtime insight, the app is completely free of charge.
  • Free help with installing? Of course!
  • Grow your business with the expertise of the EffectConnect team.

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