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We developed the Channel Manager to offer you even more possibilities to optimize your marketplace sales and maximize profit.

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Everything at hand to make selling through marketplaces so much easier

The Channel Manager offers a lot of freedom in arranging specific settings for selling on different marketplaces. This is interesting for brands, wholesalers, retailers and e-commerce organisations who want to work with even smarter automation.

Why our Channel Manager is so phenomenal!

The Channel Manager is a module that enables faster, more flexible and more reliable growth on marketplaces. You have full control over your product catalogue with selections in which you can use every type of product data available in your dataflow. You can apply other settings on these settings, such as shipping costs, applying discounts or blocking certain products for placement on a marketplace.

Prefer watching a video with a particular explanation about our Channel Manager? Watch the following video as part of one of our webinars (from minute 58 to 1:08).

Create new data

You can create new data based on product data available in your catalogue by using custom attributes. You can use this in your mapping, where you arrange which data is sent to the marketplace. This offers you the opportunity to use unique data on every different marketplace. You can also use a custom attribute to create another custom attribute. 

All your data and custom data can be used in making product selections, for which you can also apply mutations!


Improve your conversion with unique titles

You can use SEO optimized titles to increase your conversion. Such as a title in which different product attributes are combined in one custom attribute. You can use this title in different places, both as a title on a marketplace as well as a supplement to your product description. 

Example: [brand] [model] [product type] - [target group] - [color] - size [size]

Becomes: BOSS skinny-fit jeans - kids - blue - size 8

Conditional settings (if, then, larger than, different, multiply, replace, etc.)

You can create custom attributes based on certain conditions. You can use this for example when you need to pass shipping costs to the marketplace, but do not have this information in your product catalogue. If you know the weight and the corresponding shipping costs, then you can merge this in an attribute. 

Example: IF [weight] > 10 kg THEN 4.95 OTHERWISE 0.00

Meaning: If the weight of the product exceeds 10 kg, then shipping costs are 4.95 Euro. If the weight of the product is less than 10 kg, then no shipping costs are charged.

You can also calculate with the Channel Manager. Let’s say you have weights in kilograms, but the marketplace desires weights in grams. This can easily be solved by the Channel Manager: you simply create a new attribute with the following formula

[weight] x 1000 gram (the word “gram” should be placed as a text behind the formula)

Another example can be applied when you have multiple stock locations and you want to pass on one single stock status plus the delivery time of the location with the fastest deliverability and availability. In this case, you create a custom attribute that adds the data together and determines the average delivery time based on the available locations and where your stock is larger then (for example) 5. 

Different prices per marketplace

You can also set different prices for each marketplace that you are actively selling on. You can create a formula in which you add a surcharge to the price of each product in a certain selection. 

It is a powerful tool to use selections, because you can build selections on every piece of data in your catalogue and on the custom data you generate. So you can really use everything! Which is very valuable!

Superfast and reliable, so good night’s sleep assured

We have reduced the synchronization time to only a few minutes. This is superfast. We record everything in this synchronization, which makes all changes visible. So should you have blocked a product in a certain selection by accident and wonder why the product does not appear on the marketplace? Then you can easily spot and adapt this. 

And, last but not least: we build a gatekeeper in our Channel Manager, so you can sleep well. For example, you can arrange the following:

Block when [calculated price] < 15
[stock] < 3

This ensures that only product data of products with a price above 15 Euro and a minimum stock of 3 is sent to the marketplace. Easy as a breeze and above all very useful :)

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