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Do you want to know what challenges our customers face in their business? How they handle and solve them and how EffectConnect supports them? Read these cases to learn more!

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International expansion with your own brand: this is how Wickey does the trick!

"We are currently active on about 40 marketplaces across 16 countries and will continue to expand in the future. To keep everything running smoothly, you simply need technical support with this plus you save an awful lot of time by automating certain processes."

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Florian Spehl - Wickey GmbH & Co. KG.
Selling niche products on marketplaces: The success of Allprepare

"Selling on marketplaces is a great way for us to generate additional revenue. With Amazon we can easily sell throughout Europe and with we can make our products visible to a large audience in the Netherlands. These are customers who might not have found us otherwise."

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Rik Roorda - Allprepare

Selling successfully through product feeds - this is how Seogi manages it for Ziloen!

We depend on the source data that our customers provide to us. It can get tricky when the data we get is of too low quality.

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Giel Kusters - Seogi Online Marketing

Successfully implementing an omnichannel strategy - this is how Planet Happy does it!

“I started Planet Happy 10 years ago, a toy shop originally in Driebergen. At the time, I thought if I had all my stuff in my shop, I might as well start a webshop. By now, we have 5 toy shops, we're on 30 marketplaces, we have a wholesaler on 3 marketplaces and 15 web shops. And now we combine all that with each other.”

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Mark Ligteringen - Planet Happy

With different brands on marketplaces - this is how does it!

We spoke with Michel Kuipers - Online Marketing Specialist at Cuebic (interim at is a webshop for all kinds of shoes, from flip-flops to luxury shoes. Bartogi is a sister company of the Hooijer Footwear Group, importer of well-known brands such as BirkenStock, Sockwell, Toni Pons and many more! Located in the east of the country with up to 70 employees.

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Michel Kuipers & Vincent Heemink -

How Timmermans Tuinmeubelen successfully implemented marketplaces!

“Timmermans Tuinmeubelen was founded more than 50 years ago from a shop where household items, toys, stationery, Christmas products, carnival articles and also garden furniture were sold. In the 1990s, an extra shop was opened where CDs and photography equipment were sold. All this from the centre of Tegelen.

In 2010, the decision was made to focus even more on the sale of garden furniture and in the winter period, outside the garden furniture season, only the familiar Christmas and carnival products. From that moment on, we have been growing rapidly. We now have seven branches and a logistics centre."

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Keshav Balram - Timmermans Tuinmeubelen

Sales automation from the beginning? Smeeing mobility did it!

We've existed for over 50 years now, but over the years this has expanded considerably. The organization is now not only a universal car dealer but also a leasing company, bicycle store and seller of bicycle batteries. The idea to start selling on marketplaces came from an advisor. We concluded that web shops still have their value, but that marketplaces are something that is booming.

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Pieter Houba and Sylvester Roest - Smeeing Mobility

How Meijers successfully sells its own brand and premium brands through marketplaces

“We once started with toys, from there to physical therapy, and then we made the switch to consumers. We saw the impact of marketplaces. People buy here much more easily than from their own webshop. Three years ago we really started working on this and we see that it makes a very positive contribution to our revenue.”

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Herrald Meijers - Meijers

Wholesalers successful on marketplaces? Bodybow does it!

“We have been a supplier to physical therapists for 30 years. Last year we decided to also focus on consumers who want to live healthier. A marketplace like offers the opportunity to easily sell your products to consumers. This is how it started for us and by now it has become an important part of our turnover and we are now looking to sell on more marketplaces. ”

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Jori Goené - Bodybow

Recognising opportunities, that's how Betersport does it!

“We started selling products via our webshop and as an addition, we decided to start selling on marketplaces.  This soon turned out to be a tremendous success. Not only our turnover but also the number of customers that visited our website increased significantly.”

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Judith van Meijel - Betersport

The secret behind the growth of NRG Fitness

“Our marketplace sales were first generated via our dealers. We then noticed that the dealers did not spend enough time on creating strong content, so we started handling that on This enables us to present perfect content and stimulate dealers to achieve the buy-box. We felt the need for an advanced solution as soon as the number of orders started to increase, which we found in EffectConnect. ”

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Danny Koene - NRG Fitness

Conquering Europe via marketplaces: How HKC Europe does it!

“We started importing televisions and monitors back in 2016, after which we soon decided to start our own production. In 2017, we decided to focus directly on the consumer. Our biggest market was Germany, so we started selling our products on This turned out to be such a success, that we currently offer our products on every Amazon marketplace. and expanded to other European marketplaces as well.  

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Thom Jansen - HKC Europe

How Sfeervoorjou became topseller on

“We noticed a trend among consumers who were buying more and more on marketplaces such as, instead of buying in a classic webshop. We reached a larger audience by selling on marketplaces, which caused sales volumes to increase. This created the need for automation. We found our automation partner in EffectConnect, by the advice of”

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Tom van der Arend - Sfeervoorjou

This is how NRG Fitness quickly creates custom datafeeds for B2B customers!

“NRG Fitness has been active as a wholesaler of sports articles and fitness equipment since 1993. They use different marketplace integrations and the Feed Manager in EffectConnect. The convenient aspect of the Feed Manager is that it enables me to create custom datafeeds for different customers in the blink of an eye.”

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Danny Koene - NRG Fitness

How ZOO&ZO increased their online visibility with marketplaces

“We clearly see a need for product availability both offline and online in omnichannel retail. This positively affects our number of visitors in our brick and mortar store. The orders directly arrive in Prestashop, which is very convenient. I can't imagine having to process everything manually!” 

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Lisanne van Hasselaar - ZOO&ZO

Bath&Living transforms and achieves online success

The goal of Bath&Living is to be able to show the complete product range of each brand, both offline and online. The manual work that came with it was very labour intensive. Using EffectConnect enabled us to spend much more time on the development of our company, the optimization of our processes and the improvement of our purchasing and product range.”

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Vivi Salmans - Bath & Living

Selling online, growing significantly and having an impact. How does Partywinkel achieve this? 

“At a certain point we wanted to start selling via We immediately wanted to start automating this process. We had our shops in Lightspeed and it was them who brought us into contact with EffectConnect. EffectConnect is a 'young' company that responds quickly. Something completely different compared to other providers.”

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Patrick Noij - Partywinkel

How UV-Fashions is selling internationally via marketplaces

“ approached me in 2012 and asked if I wanted to sell my products on their online platform. We have now grown into a wholesaler active in European B2B and B2C markets. advised us to use EffectConnect as automation software. This saved so much time: manual work is now history!”

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Jan-Willem van der Sterre - UV-Fashions

Coaching by EffectConnect: Bopita

“We started developing and selling wooden baby- and children furniture since 1987. We recently decided to expand in the field of e-commerce. It is quite labour intensive to work with multiple webshops and open up our backend everyday to view all orders. We realised that it must be easier than this, so we asked EffectConnect to brainstorm with us to obtain objective advice.”

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Mariëtte Bal - Bopita

Nightlifeliving: From market stall to selling on multiple marketplaces

"We developed from market stall into wholesaler over the past years, selling manually on marketplaces. The software from EffectConnect is accessible and they offer excellent customer support. We integrated EffectConnect to Lightspeed which enables us to add new marketplaces quickly."

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Nightlifeliving - Usmaan Sattar

The offline and online success of Beter Bed 

"Beter Bed is using EffectConnect for quite some time to automate their marketplace sales. Selling (large) furniture online always poses a logistical challenge, both in delivery time as in the actual delivery itself. This sometimes calles for a hybrid model. This model can be merged in one account in EffectConnect, which is very convenient!"

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Beter Bed - Karl Janssen

How JustFire combines showrooms with online sales

"JustFire serves the market via 4 showrooms and online. His e-commerce partner Seogi referred Roland to EffectConnect. This automation ensures that processing orders and updating stock levels run smoothly while Justfire grows its business. They work on this growth by using EffectConnect to sell on marketplaces in the Netherlands and Belgium."

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Justfire - Roland Truijens