How JustFire combines showrooms with online sales

Only 2 years down the road at the time of writing this article (2017), but on its way to national coverage with 4 showrooms and a lot of online sales via marketplaces. We talked about this with owner Roland Truijens. 

It's been only 2 years, but also decades

Justfire only exists since 2015, but Roland Truijens has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years with Truijens Autoparts, serving automotive wholesalers with a wide variety of technical products on a global scale.  He realised in time that a part of his customer base quit their business (for example due to the lack of follow-up) and so the idea of Justfire arose.

Justfire sells a wide portfolio of pellet stoves, garden heaters, barbecues and airconditioners located in a former Alfa Romeo showroom in the center of Tegelen, the Netherlands. It all started in Tegelen, but he now has locations in 3 other places across the Netherlands. In fact, the number of Justfire stores will be expanded in the coming years!


Customers do not drive hours just to have a look at a pellet stove, so good national coverage is imperative to us.

Not a simple trader 

You can see in every detail that Justfire is not just a trader. Apart from the nicely decorated showroom, the company also focuses on service. 

Word-of-mouth accellerated the sales of their private label stoves, of which they have all parts in stock. They also employ 4 service technicians who install and maintain stoves in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

We believe that good word-of-mouth helps us grow our business. 


Every Justfire stove sold online and offline, are being optimized for minimum emission and TÜV-approval  in Germany. The Dutch government grants a subsidy of 500 Euro on Justfire pellet stoves due to this inspection and the very low particulate emission. 

This subsidy also helps Justfire to grow their business, a win-win situation for every buyer. 



His e-commerce partner Seogi referred Roland to the possibilities that EffectConnect could offer. Roland works very little with the EffectConnect software himself as this is not necessary since all stock levels are updated and orders are imported automatically.

This automation ensures that processing orders and updating stock levels run smoothly while Justfire grows its business.

They work on this growth by using EffectConnect to sell on marketplaces in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

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