Consumer goods

We are the automation partner for sellers active in consumer goods, both nationally and internationally. We handle the automation, so you can focus on growing your business. 

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How we help sellers active in consumer goods

Are you selling household items? Products such as pots and pans, cloths, plastic containers, cleaning products, hand mixers and/or vacuum cleaners? Or other products typically found in a household store or supermarket? And are you selling those online via marketplaces?
Then we can help you sell efficiently and automated, by transferring marketplace orders to your webshop and update stock information on the different marketplaces.

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Call us today to discuss your business needs and challenges. We gladly assist you, so you quickly save time selling your products on marketplaces. You can start your free trial after you establish a complete dataset in your webshop or other ecommerce environment and of course have one or multiple marketplaces accounts. We help you get started during your free trial. And once you have decided to become a customer, you can also count on full support from our side.

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Everything you need to know about growing exponentially on marketplaces, specifically for sellers active in consumer goods. 

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