We are the automation partner for brands that sell on one or multiple marketplaces, both nationally and internationally. We handle the automation so you can focus on building your brand. 

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How we help brands with their marketplace business

Brands know how to find us when they start selling on marketplaces, when they are ready for the next step on marketplaces or when they want to transfer to another marketplace integration partner. In our first contact, we discuss amongst others your business, which systems you currently use, how you arranged your stock and shipment and which challenges you face in the field of marketplace automation.
Based on this information we will move forward with you.

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You arrange registration with (new) marketplaces yourself. During your onboarding period, we will arrange the automation with your marketplace account and the necessary data in your webshop or other e-commerce system together. So you are set to sell. Should you have any questions: we are here for you. Simply via chat, mail or telephone. Whether you have just started or you are a long-time customer, we are here to help!
So you can focus on your core business.

Our solutions for brands

Orders automatically in  your webshop

Instead of having to login at each marketplace separately, we make it easy for you by sending your marketplace orders directly to your webshop or e-commerce environment.

Best price and still remain in the buy-box

Engaging in price wars is not desirable. Make use of our smart Repricer and make sure you are able to sell against your best highest price on marketplaces and still remain in the buy-box.

Unique content per marketplace

Your products are unique and via our Channel Manager you are able to provide unique content for each marketplace.

Not having to decline orders anymore

We ensure that you only offer products with fast delivery availability on your marketplaces through near real-time stock synchronisation.

 We are here for you!

Do you have any questions or do you need help? Just contact us and we will help you. Just because we love to do so.

Smart and efficient data sharing 

Share data intelligently with resellers or affiliate channels such as Google Shopping or Facebook via our Feed Manager.

Case Betersport

“We started by selling products through our own online shopping environment, but we decided to start selling on online marketplaces as well. This increases the visibility of our online shop since it allows consumers to find our products on Google in multiple ways. We’ve also noticed that consumers are starting their searches on marketplaces more and more.

The decision to sell on marketplaces soon proved to be a success. We didn’t just see our sales increase, but also the number of customers visiting our online shop.”

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Judith van Meijel - Betersport

Selling successfully on marketplaces for brands 

Everything you need to know about selling on marketplaces, specifically for brands, including smart checklist.

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