EffectConnect is the automation partner for wholesalers who sell on one or multiple marketplaces, both nationally and internationally. We handle the automation so you can focus on building your brand.

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How we help wholesalers with their marketplace business

We are here for wholesalers who have taken the strategic decision to start selling on marketplaces. For wholesalers who are ready for the next step on marketplaces or when they want to transfer to another marketplace integration partner. 
We love to talk about your business and challenges. We make an inventory of which systems you use and how you arranged your stock and shipment. Based on this information we will move forward with you.

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It is important for your organisation to have at least one or multiple marketplaces accounts. And all relevant information should be available in a webshop or other e-commerce system. During an onboarding period, we arrange the automation together. So you are set to sell on marketplaces.
And should you have any questions, then we are here for you. Simply via chat, mail or telephone. So you save time to focus on your core business. 

Our solutions for wholesalers

Orders in your e-commerce system

Instead of having to login at each marketplace separately, we make it easy for you by sending your marketplace orders directly to your webshop or e-commerce environment.

Arrange custom settings

Do you want to arrange different surcharges for heavier products? Or do you want to create optimized titles to improve conversion? This, and much more, is possible with our Channel Manager.

Best price and still remain in the buy-box

Our smart Repricer helps you to sell at your ultimate price and still remain in the buy-box on marketplaces. 

Stock synchronisation

Near real-time stock synchronisation with marketplaces ensures that you only offer what you can deliver. So you can fulfil your promise!

Do you have any questions? Give us a call!

It is always possible that you have questions. You can always call, mail or start a chat conversation with us. We are here to help!

Sharing data efficiently

Would you like to generate feeds so you can share efficient content with retailers for example? Use our smart and easy-to-use Feed Manager.

Case NRG Fitness

“The sales on marketplaces initially went via our dealers, which already generated great turnover. Over time we noticed that the dealers did not spend enough time on creating relevant  content, so we took that over for them on bol.com. In doing so we make sure that the content is up to our standards and that we encourage the dealers to go for the buy-box on the marketplaces. 


As the number of orders started to increase, we felt the need for an advanced solution which  we found  in EffectConnect. We are now gradually expanding our sales market with the help of marketplaces.”

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Danny Koene - NRG Fitness

Selling successfully on marketplaces for wholesalers 

Everything you need to know about selling on marketplaces, specifically for wholesalers, including smart checklist.

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