Future-proof marketplace integrations

Do you sell on several marketplaces and you like to keep an overview? Do you also want to be able to apply settings to multiple channels or product selections in a super-flexible way? Sellers who use our Channel Manager grow faster, without losing control over their sales!

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All your channels in a single overview

The Channel manager is the main module that allows you to grow much more flexibly, quickly and reliably on marketplaces. You have complete control over your product catalogue with selections, in which you can use any type of product data you have. For example, you can use selections to set shipping costs, apply discounts or block certain products from being placed on a marketplace. 

These product selections and attributes can be used across your entire marketplace strategy, on every channel and in many different areas. This will allow you to grow your marketplaces sales much faster and more reliably, without spending too much time on it!

5 advantages of working with EffectConnect

Create new data with custom attributes

Based on the product data you have in your catalogue, you can create new data; you will create custom attributes. These attributes can then be used in your mapping, where you set which data you want to deliver to the marketplace. This gives you the opportunity to use unique data in each marketplace.

Manage all your channels in one place

Your subscription tells you exactly how many marketplaces you can add.  Create new channels, create product mappings for channels, and configure attributes for channels from one central place. 

Improve your conversions with unique titles

Create SEO optimised titles to increase your conversion rates. For example, a title in which you combine various product attributes into one custom attribute. This title can then be used in various places, both as a title in a marketplace, but also as an addition to your product description.

Determine the price you sell at per marketplace

Set prices per marketplace by applying formulas whereby you add a surcharge to the price of each product in a certain selection. You can literally use every piece of data in your catalogue to create unique attributes. These attributes can be cleverly used in your Repricer to achieve the buy box!

Near real-time synchronisations for fast and reliable integration

Our Channel Manager synchronises near real time. We record everything and all changes are transparent. So you've accidentally blocked a product from a certain selection and wonder why it doesn't appear in the marketplace? Then you can simply see it and quickly adjust it.

Especially for a large organization, it is convenient that our employees do not have to work in 2 or 3 different systems, but that everything can be arranged from one central location.

Michel Kuipers - Online Marketing Specialist at Cuebic (interim at Bartogi.nl)

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