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We depend on the source data that our customers provide to us. It can get tricky when the data we get is of too low quality.

If you want to be active within e-commerce in an automated way, product feeds are a must to sell on platforms like Google Shopping. To take a look into the world of Feed Management, we spoke with Giel Kusters of Seogi Online Marketing about our shared client Ziloen.

Who are you and what does Seogi do?

"I'm Giel Kusters, founder of Seogi Online Marketing. Seogi offers a wide range of online marketing services, including SEO, SEA, CRO and marketplaces. I am an online marketing specialist and therefore responsible for various SEO and SEA projects for our clients.

We have a diverse client base. For example, we help with business services and promotion of events and artists, but we put emphasis on e-commerce. All these clients have different goals and KPIs and we respond to them.“



What kind of company is Ziloen and what do they do in terms of e-commerce?

"Ziloen is a pure e-commerce company in the field of organic, woolen children's clothing. They sell all kinds of brands without a physical store. So you can imagine that their web shop is extremely important. For this reason they want to attract as much traffic to their website as possible. One of the things we help them with to generate extra traffic is using product feeds to sell through Google Shopping and Google Ads.

At the moment Ziloen is only active in the Netherlands and Belgium, but they have the ambition to expand into the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia in the near future. In any case, the English website is already up and running!”

You are using product feeds for Ziloen. What are common issues with product feeds?

"We depend on the source data that our customers provide to us. It can become difficult when the data we receive is of too low quality. Mandatory data fields such as materials, colors, sizes, types, etc. can be missing or in the wrong place.

If you don't get this right, it can happen, for example, that Google will show your products with the wrong search terms based on what Google gets from the product feed. In other words, a potential customer will see your products, but they will not click on them or buy them. So this is hugely bad for your ROI on Google. But it can get even worse: if your source data is that bad, Google may even reject your product offering.”

Why did Seogi choose to use the Feed Manager for Ziloen?

"We always look at what data is loaded from the client's CMS, for Ziloen this is Lightspeed. With Lightspeed, it can be difficult to forward data to other platforms. Although it is possible to create a Google feed within Lightspeed, you are very limited in the type and amount of data you can export.
Combine this with Ziloen's large product range and then it quickly becomes difficult to export feeds on a large scale. So we needed a solution to make the data usable for product feeds. A possible solution was a plug-in, but this would not be ideal. We would have to log into Ziloen's back office every time, which is sensitive in terms of privacy. That is why the Feed Manager turned out to be the ideal solution. It allows us to avoid any privacy issues and we can use custom attributes to fill in all the necessary information to send the right content to the feeds.

We have now been using the Feed Manager for a year for Ziloen. By using feeds we can generate a lot of traffic to Ziloen's website through Google Shopping. The nice thing about the Feed Manager is that we can easily work with the different language environments of Ziloen's website and keep it separate.”

How do you experience using the Feed Manager?

"So far we like it very much! It is straight to the point and we can find everything within the software to create and export feeds. The learning curve is also small, so if you grasp the concept you can create a feed pretty quickly.

It's just nice that you can manage your data well and to be in control. You can see exactly what comes in and what goes out. That gives you a lot of flexibility as a marketer, because you can mold the data exactly the way you want it. The templates within EffectConnect also help with that. This way you can get started right away and you don't have to build a feed structure yourself.

Basically, it comes down to simplicity. It's very easy within EffectConnect to adjust variables at the product level. So for example, should a title be removed in the source data, you can quickly add it back within EffectConnect. This is something you can't do with all parties.

Finally, the Feed Manager also works well if you sell on marketplaces. For example, if you add to or change your marketplace catalog, EffectConnect immediately connects with the Feed Manager and sends it to, for example, Google Shopping. So we don't have to do anything else.“

Why do you choose EffectConnect?

"What we really appreciate about working with EffectConnect are the short lines of communication. We can always contact our partner manager Harjan quickly, and we have regular calls to spar together. If something goes wrong I know I can always call and things will be picked up quickly.

EffectConnect's pricing is also very transparent. The available packages are clear in what they contain and you don't have to choose from all kinds of modules or options. And one of the most important aspects in terms of pricing is that you don't ask our customers for a percentage of their revenue for your product. For this reason we recommend EffectConnect to our customers, because with you they know exactly where they stand.“


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