Nightlifeliving: From market stall to selling on multiple marketplaces

In the past, we sold manually on marketplaces. Using EffectConnect makes our life so much easier. It is very accessible software and they offer excellent customer support. This works really well!
We spoke with Usmaan Sattar, IT manager of Ambianzz Bedding / Nightlifeliving.

How did Nightlifeliving start?

Usmaan: “Ambianzz Bedding started with a market stall selling bed linen about 15 years ago. We later opened a store and at a certain point, we developed into a wholesaler, only selling B2B, so to retailers. We started focusing on B2C again about 5 years ago, under the name Nightlifeliving.”

What was your challenge in selling on marketplaces? 

“We did everything manually, which was a lot of work. We then decided to look for a solution to make this more efficient. We found a few companies who offered a solution. We chose EffectConnect because of the accessibility and usability, both in software as in customer service. "

One of the most convenient aspects in EffectConnect is that we can monitor all marketplaces in one system. We simply integrated EffectConnect to Lightspeed and we can now add a new marketplace very quickly. 

How do you experience working with EffectConnect?

"Well, I know we can deliver Excel files to Fonq for example, which could be easily done without EffectConnect. But we sell on multiple marketplaces and for me it is so convenient to manage everything in one system. Sometimes data shifts up or down without knowing why, but I can easily solve that in EffectConnect and I can do this for all marketplaces at once.”

I can always call you when I have questions, your customer service is easily accessible, very friendly, thinks with me and always has a problem-solving mentality! 

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