The secret behind the growth of NRG Fitness

With the help of marketplaces, we continue to expand our business abroad!

We spoke with Danny Koene of NRG Fitness.

How did NRG Fitness originate?

‘In 1993 we started out as a wholesale for a variety of sports attributes like weights and other fitness equipment. Due to the high demand for our products, we opened several stores in Roosendaal, Schiedam and Tilburg. In 2008 we decided to sell the stores and shift our focus solely to wholesale, our core business.’

Why did you start selling via marketplaces?

‘The sales on marketplaces initially went via our dealers, who were already generating great revenues with the marketplaces. However, over time we noticed that the dealers did not spend enough time on creating good content. We contacted to discuss how we could solve this. They told us to add the products ourselves on In doing so we make sure that the content is up to our standards and that we encourage the dealers to go for the buy-box on the marketplaces.’

‘At first we worked together with another party who had built a custom software for us to take care of the stock synchronization. But as the number of orders started to increase, we felt the need for an advanced solution.’

‘Then we came into contact with EffectConnect, and soon after I had a conversation with Bart Vintcent about the possibilities to automate our sales. Bart indicated that it is crucial to have your own webshop. He gave me a few options including Magento and Lightspeed, where we eventually opted for Lightspeed.’

We started with as an extra sales channel, but over the course of time we have added Amazon, and recently Cdiscount. Piece by piece we are expanding our sales market further and further with the help of marketplaces.’

NRG Fitness has a score of 9,4 on Kiyoh, how did you achieve this?

‘At NRG Fitness we work with a small team, so we can easily meet our client’s requirements. We’ve been serving our clients with customised advice for over 27 years. Besides being seller, we are also the importer of the products, which is why we possess a good knowledge and understanding of our products.’ 

‘In addition, we have an excellent delivery promise, because we have the entire logistics settled in-house. DHL comes to load several times a day, so when the cut-off time is at 4.00 pm and DHL comes at 4.30 pm, we can easily ship an order that arrived at 4.10 pm.'

We are very satisfied with the support EffectConnect offers, even when the problem is on our side, they do their best to resolve the issue together.

What are the advantages of working with EffectConnect?

'We experience working with EffectConnect as very pleasant. The mapping possibilities when adding multiple articles at the same time is one of the many advantages. We can add a variety of products on multiple marketplaces, without any extra work or hassle. In addition, we are very satisfied with the support EffectConnect offers, even when the problem is on our side, they do their best to resolve the issue together.’



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