How Sfeervoorjou became topseller at

With the EffectConnect software we have the ability to offer a lot of products via, something that with other marketplace integrators would not have been possible

We spoke with Tom van der Arend, co-founder of

How did Sfeervoorjou come about?

“In 2012 I decided, together with my colleague who was working for our supplier in Hong Kong at the time, to start a webshop in homedeco. We noticed that there was a shortage of B2C webshops in the home and living line of business. We started with three different websites; Sfeervoorjou, kunstplantenvoorjou en kunstkerstboomvoorjou. We were generating substantial revenues within these categories and noticed that quality content played role in these revenues. In order to safeguard the content quality, we chose to set-up stand-alone websites for each of these categories.”

We noticed that quality content is of importance for good conversion. Just handing out basic information about the product does not suffice.

How do you create quality content for your products?

“First we take a look at the statistics, for instance on, to see which products and product texts have the highest conversion rates. Based on this information, we start to filter out the information we are going to use and more specifically how we are going to use this information. Meanwhile we have formed a standard template together with, for a good product text. A good product text contains the product description, the measurements, styling advice and the time of delivery.”

“Next to general information, it also works well for conversion to tell the customer what they can do with the product, by for instance providing styling advice. To make this information more effective quality product- and scenery pictures are of importance.”

You are topseller at Besides quality content, what else should you offer to the customer?

“What I find most important is that you treat the customer, as you wish to be treated. This sounds quite obvious, however it rarely is. We make sure that our customers are foreseen of information about our company, so they will feel safe and familiarized with our product, making sure that we keep our delivery promise and that we offer good support.”

A personal touch is appreciated by the customer.

“A personal touch is something I value a lot. We always put a little personal note on our invoices for the customer, in doing so we provide just that little bit of extra service. The customers appreciate this gesture and show their appreciation through the many positive reviews. We are very proud of our 9.3 score at and the 9.4 score on our own websites!”

Why did you start selling via marketplaces?

“We noticed a trend among customers that started to make more purchases on the marketplaces like, rather than on the stand-alone webshops. I noticed it with myself while I was still living in Chicago, where Amazon has become part of everyday life, that I was inclined to look for a product on Amazon instead of searching for it via Google.

Because your products end up with a bigger audience and the sales increase, a need to automate these processes arose. On the advice of, we ended up with EffectConnect.”


What are the benefits of working with EffectConnect?

“The EffectConnect software is the ideal solution because we have the possibility to offer a lot of products on several marketplaces, which would not have been possible with other integrators. It saves us a lot of administrative work.

Due to the fact that the order flow between our Magento webshop and the marketplaces have been well-regulated, everything is always put automatically into the right location. And in case there is a problem, EffectConnect has a an excellent supportdesk which operates swift and professionally.”

In case there is a problem, EffectConnect has a an excellent supportdesk which operates swift and professionally.

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