Selling via marketplaces and growing exponentially!

We have a great collaboration with EffectConnect. It saves us a lot of time, in which we can do what we do best: doing business.
We spoke with Patrick Noij, co-owner and founder of Partywinkel. Together with Casper Ehrencron he founded Partywinkel in 2012.


What was the idea behind Partywinkel?

Patrick: “Given the fact that we like a party ourselves and with about 18 million Dutchies living in the Netherlands, there are always 50.000 people having a birthday every day. This seemed like the perfect market to start our business. That is how Partywinkel came to be.’’ 

Strictly selling online, growing exponentially and have a major impact. How can this be achieved?

“Partywinkel is residing in Nieuw-Vennep, from which over 7000 unique products are being sold. We choose to not open a physical store, so we can direct all of our attention to the webshop. 

We like to remain focused and make clear choices for progress which in turn helps us grow. At the moment there are 28 employees working within our company and we continue to expand. It is nice to see how we started working from the kitchen table, to becoming more impactful and to be taken seriously by partners such as suppliers of which we are the largest customer.’’

How does Partywinkel distinguish itself and what are the plans for the future?

Partywinkel is known for its excellent service, accessibility until late and swift delivery. “Everything we sell is in stock in our warehouse, which helps us to keep the delivery promise. We have people working on Sunday in our warehouse, so we can continue to ship and allows us to be flexible towards the customer. Our greatest goal is to become the largest company in the Benelux to sell party products.”

How did the collaboration with EffectConnect come about?

“At a certain point we wanted to start selling via Despite the fact that it was pretty scary, because in the end it’s also a competitor. But, other competitors were already selling via , so we couldn’t stay behind. We immediately wanted to start automating this process. We had our shops in Lightspeed and came via them into contact with EffectConnect. We installed the app as a try-out and immediately got to work. We noticed that there is always support when you need it and that is exactly what we expect.”

What appealed to us the most with EffectConnect was that it's a 'young' company that responds quickly. Something completely different compared to other providers.

How do you experience working with EffectConnect?

“Eventually we wanted to try out different sales channels and with the help of EffectConnect it was handled swiftly and easy. We have tried Intertoys, Blokker and VidaXL, but we didn’t generate enough revenue on those platforms so we decided to take our products down from these marketplaces. At the moment we’re only selling via and, but we are continuously evaluating and exploring our options.’’

We enjoy working with EffectConnect. There is not a lot of contact, but when something happens, we know we can count on EffectConnect to take care of it. All-in-all, a very pleasant collaboration!


 logo-Partywinkel-200x150Patrick Nooij - Partywinkel

Partywinkel, the place where the party starts!


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