Bath&Living transforms and achieves online success

Bath&Living has successfully expanded their business online. We engaged in a conversation with Vivi.

Bath&Living has been a figurehead in the shopping centre of Nederweert for years where they offer a wide range of luxury bathroom- and living products. We engaged in a conversation with Vivi Salmans about the start of their business and the enormous online growth recently.


It all starts in the shopping centre

Bath&Living originates in the heart of Nederweert. A beautiful facade and an elegant showroom awaits you when you enter the store. Even for a layman like me, it is immediately obvious that we will not find a €10 toilet roll holder here. 

We are welcomed by Vivi Salmans. Vivi together with Joeri Gielen, are the driving force behind the organisation and they are also responsible for expanding their beautiful offline product portfolio to online channels. 

Their philosophy is that beautiful products and excellent service stands at the core of their business. This is resonating in the conversation about their store. They focus on higher tier products, excellent quality and a wide variety of possible combinations for bathroom- or bedroom styling. A unique concept that cannot be found in the DIY market.

Honestly, when you purchase a beautiful new bathroom, you would also want to style it with the right accessories to have the total image, right? Like a towel rack that fits the sink? Or a fresh new color with new towels and a bath mat?

Quality, wide variety of choice and being able to show everything to the customer, thát is what we want to offer.

Complete product range for each brand

The goal of Bath&Living is to be able to show the complete product range of each brand that they add to their portfolio. After all, a consumer should be able to choose from all products that a brand has to offer. 

Fun fact: when Bath&Living first purchased Aquanova products, they were a small customer to the brand. Now, they are the second largest customer of Aquanova in the Netherlands. 

Brands: Aquanova, Vandyck/VNDCK, Zack, Blomus and S&P

The Golden Egg

It is nice to learn that this entrepreneurial duo has a yearly tradition. Every year during the Webwinkel Vakdagen, they are on a quest to find the golden egg with which they can make a profit outside the shopping street. Back in 2014, they found their golden egg in selling through, which facilitated access to a large target group for Bath&Living.

Even more fun is that in 2015, EffectConnect turned out to be the golden egg for Vivi and Joeri! They were selling on for a few months, and all the manual work gave Joeri headaches. Luckily we were just in time to take these worries and headaches away. 

Using EffectConnect enabled us to spend much more time on the development of our company, the optimization of our processes and the improvement of our purchasing and our product range.
- Vivi Salmans


Future opportunities

The rapid growth of Bath&Living caused a strong focus on the future. Automation plays an important role, such as more automation in administration (more orders, more administration…).

Amazon is a marketplace that still holds a lot of opportunities, but an international rollout of their webshop is also something Vivi and Joeri are actively working on. For example, they recently opened up the shops (they operate a specialist webshop for each brand) for orders from all countries around the world. It is striking that many orders come from Southern Europe (Italy, Spain and France), Poland and the UK.

EffectConnect’s mentality, the fun workspace and being able to see and experience the software upfront, were the deciding factors to start with EffectConnect. Nothing is forced upon you.
- Joeri Gielen

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