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Storesquare is a marketplace in Belgium, suitable for a broad range of products. Storesquare promises to help local retails direct traffic to their physical stores. As a seller you will need a physical store in Belgium to be able to sell on the marketplace. It is a must to connect your Shopify webshop to Storesquare if you want to prevent mistakes and improve performances.

Your Shopify webshop is easy to link to Storesquare with EffectConnect. Your stock and prices will automatically always be up to date, orders will be imported in Shopify and track&trace codes will be connected to Storesquare. Do you sell products that Storesquare does not know yet? You can use the product information from Shopify to create products at Storesquare.

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Order import

Import orders in your own Shopify webshop.

Track&trace feedback

Sync track&trace codes from webshop.

Stock updates

Synchronize stock levels continuously.

Product content

Upload product information with our mapping tool.

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Prices link Storesquare

You can link your Shopify webshop to your Storesquare account from 49 euro’s per month. Curious at which price you can link your Shopify webshop to an Storesquare account? You can fill in your credentials in the form on the right and request a quote.

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Because of EffectConnect we are capable to put our product catalog in marketplaces very efficiently. De orders are coming back to our systems and with the app is everything easy to follow. EffectConnect is doing a lot of work for our marketeers and developers.

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✔ Always free support, including emergency line outside of office hours.

✔ Mobile app for realtime insight, the app is completly free.

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