Supplier integration for sending data to

Automate the delivery of current purchasing data to and increase your sales potential!

Selling to

As a supplier of you want to let them know which products you have to offer and to what conditions these can be purchased. Handing over this information to helps them to understand exactly what they can buy.

Many suppliers are filling out and sending their data manually to But did you know that you can automate this process? This saves you a lot of time, reduces the risk of making mistakes and makes sure that your customer,, always receives the correct productinformation, inventory status, purchase prices and conditions. Something that makes very happy and increases the chance of them buying your products!

The supplier integration of EffectConnect

The supplier integration of EffectConnect ensures that the selected offers are being sent to Want to make changes? These changes will be sent to within 20 minutes after changing them. This way you prevent having to alter data in the Excel file and you will never forget to pass this data on to 

The suppliers interface makes sure that will always receive the following accurate information:

  • The minimum order quantity
  • The availability / stock levels
  • The purchase price for
  • Productinformation

How does it work?

You can connect the system in which you process your data to via EffectConnect. By connecting the system via EffectConnect to, all of the required data will always be up-to-date, which in turn makes it easier for to purchase your products. Make it easier for yourself ánd for and increase your revenue together!

Good to know: with the very same integration you can start to sell longtail via plaza as well!

Are you a supplier? Start today with automating via EffectConnect and make use of the Suppliers Interface!

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