Coaching by EffectConnect: Bopita

At Bopita we have recently decided to expand our e-commerce business. To get independent and objective advice, we have asked EffectConnect to brainstorm with us.

We spoke with Mariëtte Bal, PR & Marketing Manager at Bopita.

What does Bopita want to achieve in the years to come?

Mariëtte: “Since 1987 we create and develop wooden baby- and children’s furniture, in which you can see the typical Dutch characteristics in our extensive collection. We do not only sell our products in the Netherlands, but internationally we have over 450 retailers selling our products.’’

Since 2015 we’re selling via EffectConnect on, fonQ and HomeDeco. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we offer our customers home delivery, with the option for assembly at home by the Bopita delivery-team. In the years to come we want to expand our offer and service to our current customers with an online webshop and create more collaborations in other countries. One of the ways in which we want to achieve this, is by selling via multiple international marketplaces.’’ 

What were the challenges?

“At the moment it is quite challenging to work with multiple webshops and to keep checking or reviewing our orders in the back-end on a daily basis. We figured that this could be done more aptly. It is also due to the online sales in the past years, that there’s an  increase in demand for data-exchange, which led to more applications being added to the existing systems. Because we have been cooperating with EffectConnect for years, we have asked you to think along with us.’

At the moment it is quite challenging to work with multiple webshops and to keep checking or reviewing our orders in the back-end on a daily basis.

How did you experience the first consult? 

“We have always had good contact with EffectConnect. There are short circuits and we always receive a swift response. We experience the difference with other companies. After the primary contact with Bart regarding the matter, we scheduled a meeting soon after. We already had done our prep and mapped out all of the applications.

We continued to have a good conversation in which we discussed the possibilities for optimization. Soon we will be following this up. We have agreed that EffectConnect will start investigating the possibilities for the systems we use. Then we will receive a concrete advice about how we can set this up and optimize.’’

What is the added value to you of such a consult?

It really adds value, it definitely helps when somebody with an open view takes a look at your situation. 

“We don’t occupy ourselves daily with this matter, so it is nice to have an extra pair of eyes and is willing to offer their professional opinion and optimize our processes together.’’


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