Fulfilment manager for Logistics via bol

The Fulfilment manager automatically switches from Delivery via Bol (LvB) to own stock, as soon as your marketplace stock runs out. Research shows that this increases sales from your own stock up to 14 times!

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Fulfilment manager for Logistics via bol

When your business is blooming, stock can quickly run dry. When this happens, your product status will change to "out of stock" immediately. Even when you still have stock in  your own warehouse. You don't want that!

EffectConnect's Fulfilment manager directly switches to your own stock as soon as your LvB stock runs out. This guarantees constant availability of your product range! You save a lot of manual work and moreover: your product has a higher uptime!


Prevent downtime!

The time that a product is online and for sale is called the uptime. Your uptime will be fine when you have a constant stock supply, but if stock runs out for certain products every now and then, it will influence your uptime.

The latter is often the case for many LvB (Logistics via bol.com) sellers. Even when you monitor your LvB stock well, stock replenishment often comes too late, which causes your product range to be taken offline. Disastrous for your revenue, but easy to prevent with our Fulfilment manager!

Increase your revenue up to 14 times!

Research by Team Retail Technologies from bol.com shows that products out of stock at Logistics via bol.com (LvB) were sold 14 times more from sellers' own stock when using the EffectConnect Fulfilment Manager.

Bol.com investigated 8000 products of 20 sellers which were sold from both the Bol.com warehouse as well as their own warehouse in a certain period of time.  The research team concluded that sales from sellers' own stock increased up to 14 times after the automatic switch by our Fulfilment manager!

Monitor your stock levels

Our Fulfilment manager offers you the possibility to monitor your stock from Logistics via bol, for example. You can easily activate an automatic switch between your marketplace stock and your own stock when your marketplace stock runs out. You save a lot of manual work and more importantly: your product has a higher uptime!

Low stock level notification for Logistics via bol

Our Fulfilment manager always gives you insight into your LvB stock levels. But you also want to know when your stock is running low. We therefore added a feature for sellers on bol.com which enables you to receive a notification when your stock level drops to a certain level. This gives you time to replenish your stock and continuous access to all the advantages of LvB.

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