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Integrate Magento webshop with marketplaces


Selling products via marketplaces from your Magento webshop can bring a lot of oppertunities. Marketplaces allow you to reach millions of potential new customers through a lot of new sales channels without having to make big investments. When you reach millionsof new consumers, it often goes with a boost in your turnover. However, selling products on marketplaces can be time-consuming and prone to errors. EffectConnect can solve this for you!

By integrating your Magento webshop with marketplaces via EffectConnect your stock levels will always be accurate, orders will automatically be imported into your own Magento webshop and track&trace codes will be exported to the marketplaces. With our integration your delivery performance will be perfectly under control at all times. 

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  • Reach millions of new consumers
  • Upload productinformation from Magento 
  • Import orders from Magento webshop
  • Beat competitors with our Repricer
  • Integrate track&trace information
  • Increase your turnover!
  • Save time and prevent mistakes
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