Order integration

A complete order integration is available for every marketplace you want to integrate. Your marketplace orders are then automatically imported in your webshop or other e-commerce environment. This saves a lot of manual work!

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Marketplaces order integration

An order integration is essential if you want to sell efficiently and automated on marketplaces. Manual work is often error-prone. An order integration reliefs you from having to log in on all the different marketplaces and importing all orders to your back end manually. 

In terms of logistics, it doesn't matter anymore from which marketplace you receive your orders as all orders are processed in your webshop according to your rules. They are all processed exactly the same as orders directly placed in your own webshop. This saves a lot of time and frustration!

Integration via EffectConnect

The only thing you need for automated sales via EffectConnect is an account with one or multiple marketplaces plus your own webshop or other e-commerce environment. We connect your e-commerce system to the marketplace, through convenient plug-ins or via our API. We will then place your marketplaces orders automatically in your webshop or e-commerce environment. We perform this order import every 10 minutes.

Shipments and track&trace codes

Your webshop stock is always leading for the marketplaces you are selling on. The order integration ensures that your webshop stock is always updated when an order is placed. EffectConnect checks your stock status automatically every 20 minutes and sends the correct data to the marketplaces. 

EffectConnect ensures that stock levels for every marketplace are updated when you sell a product and it sends the corresponding track&trace codes to the marketplaces. This prevents you from having to decline orders and helps you to increase your ranking on the marketplaces.

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