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Order import for your webshop

A complete order integration is available for every marketplace that you connect via EffectConnect. Orders are automatically imported into your webshop every 10 minutes via EffectConnect, according to your rules.

Because the orders are processed in your webshop, it does not matter for your logistics process which marketplace the order comes from. The orders are processed in exactly the same way as the orders from your own webshop.

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Shipments and tracking codes

The stock in your webshop is always leading for the marketplaces you sell on. Due to the order integration, the stock level in your webshop is always updated when an order is placed. Every 20 minutes, EffectConnect automatically checks your stock level and sends the correct data to the marketplaces.

EffectConnect ensures that the stock, on all marketplaces you sell on, is updated when you've sold a product and EffectConnect provides feedback of track & trace codes entered to the marketplace. This prevents you from selling products that you do not have in stock and ensures that your ranking on the marketplace increases.

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Track your sales in our mobile app

Follow your marketplace sales through our mobile app for iOS and Android. Compare daily, weekly and monthly performance with previous periods and see which products were sold.



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