White paper: Selling through Marketplaces for Brands and Wholesalers

Not all brands and wholesalers are eager to start selling through marketplaces. There are various fears that stand in the way. But are these fears real? In our white paper "Selling through marketplaces for brands and wholesalers - The ultimate checklist", we explain why selling via marketplaces is particularly interesting for brands and wholesalers.

Marketplaces as part of the marketing mix

Marketplaces are known for facilitating fast, transactional relationships and responding  clever to supply and demand. As a result, marketplaces are able to attract a high number of repeat visitors and thus generate high sales volumes.

Resellers have already found their way to these money making machines, only the brands and wholesalers are still waiting. Many of them see marketplaces as a threat and fear cannibalization of their own channels.

Because marketplaces are constantly evolving and adding new functionalities for sellers, the way a marketplace is used by consumers is also taking on other forms. In the meantime, consumers go through the entire funnel on a marketplace; from getting ideas for an outfit to the actual transaction. Just as one would do in a physical shopping street. This gives brands the opportunity, especially on marketplaces, to be at the beginning of the customer's buying process.

Impact on own channels, costs and the ultimate checklist

In the white paper we discuss the role marketplaces can play in your marketing mix and explain how you can reduce costs and spread opportunities. We then go through a checklist of things you need to have in place before you can start your marketplace adventure. As icing on the cake, we'll give you tips on how to automate selling through marketplaces and what considerations you should take into account when choosing an integrator.

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Contents white paper

  • The role of marketplaces in your marketing mix
  • The ever changing customer journey
  • How to differentiate your organisation on Amazon
  • Reduce your costs and increase your opportunities
  • The effect on your own channels
  • The ultimate checklist for selling on marketplaces
  • Tips on how to automate selling on marketplaces

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