White paper: The ideal application landscape for sales via marketplaces

Prior to selling via marketplaces, it is important to make sure that your application landscape is all set up. But which software solutions/applications are required to create a scalable e-commerce environment?

In this whitepaper we will highlight the importance of a well arranged application landscape, describe the various processes and the added value of certain systems. We will take a closer look at the required base system, the way your logistics are being handled, the administrative processes and the automatisation of sales through marketplaces.
In doing so, we will help you on your way to create the ideal application landscape and thus stimulate your sales through marketplaces.

Why create the ideal application landscape?

When you start out with selling your products through a marketplace, for instance Amazon, you will most likely do this manually via the dashboard of said platform. Initially this is a good starting point, definitely when sales are at a minimum, to keep track of all your sales records.

However when sales start to increase, all the pressure to keep track of incoming and outgoing data increases as well. This in turn can make you lose oversight and mistakes can happen. Think for instance of order picking and inserting the track&trace codes of your orders onto the dashboard of said marketplace manually. At this point you will feel the need for an automated processing system. We’re here to help.

In order to automate your marketplace sales, a few systems need to be set-up to create the ideal workflow and ensure a steady growth in your online sales. We call this the ideal application landscape for sales via marketplaces.

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Contents white paper

  • The importance of an ideal application landscape
  • What base systems do you need?
  • 4 advantages of a solid back office
  • How to optimize your logistic systems
  • How to setup your administration
  • What processes to automate

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