Make the most of every Euro of revenue

Maximize your profits on marketplaces

Get real-time insight into the bottom line by product/category/brand of marketplace sales. Discover where improvements can be made.

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See which products are selling at a profit and which are selling at a loss

The profitability chart provides insight into the profits you make on the marketplaces. Find out where you are losing money by looking at the different cost structures per product.

You can add your own cost components so you can make an accurate calculation to work out your gross margin for all products, on all channels.


Save 45% on your monthly costs

EffectConnect charges fair prices and does not charge a percentage of revenue. This keeps automation costs under control through EffectConnect.

With sales of 2 million euros per year, integrators who charge a percentage of sales pay about 29,000 euros per year. With EffectConnect about 16k. That's a savings of 45%!

* Based on an average order value of 40 euros.

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Expand nationally and internationally with one integration solution

Access to integrations with marketplaces in your home country and abroad.

Automated sales on e-commerce giants such as Amazon,, Allegro, eBay, Cdiscount and Kaufland. Or focus on niche marketplaces such as fonQ, home24, Conrad and Praxis.


Always everything under control

As the CEO or CFO of a brand that is active on marketplaces, it is difficult to know which marketplaces contribute to the bottom line. EffectConnect's CEO/CFO dashboard makes it immediately clear where improvements are needed.

Product listing

Automatically create products on marketplaces around the world

Clear interface

Our user-friendly interface saves you as a marketplace specialist a lot of time

Order Management

Our trusted integrations never miss an order

Inventory Management

Always the right stock on marketplaces


Automatically adjust prices in response to changing costs and competition

Smart Data

Create new data with logic, even for more than 100,000 products

Statistics & Analysis

Get a 360-degree view of your marketplace sales with Insights.

Technology leader

We are proven innovators. We are working on our technology leadership every day.

"I've talked to many entrepreneurs over the past 10 years who didn't know what they were earning from sales on marketplaces. That's why we added Insights to our platform, so the CEO and CFO can instantly see where the money is being made and where it's being lost. As a marketplace seller, you have to work smarter, not harder."


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