Always a complete order integration

For each marketplace you connect to, a complete order integration is available. Your marketplace orders are automatically imported into your webshop or other e-commerce environment. That saves a lot of time. Time you can use to make your marketplace sales grow!

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Everything you need to make selling on marketplaces easier

An order integration is indispensable if you want to sell efficiently and automatically via marketplaces. Because you no longer have to log in to the marketplaces to take your orders and place them in your back-end system, mistakes can no longer be made through manual work.

Because the orders in the web shop are processed according to your rules, it no longer matters to your logistics process which marketplace the orders come from. The orders are processed in exactly the same way as the orders from your own webshop or ERP system. This saves you a lot of work and is also essential for scaling up your organisation!

Integration via EffectConnect

Integrate with any system

The only thing you need for automated sales through EffectConnect is an account at one or more marketplaces and your own webshop or other e-commerce environment. We connect your e-commerce system to the marketplace, using convenient plugins or our API, and then place your marketplace orders automatically in your webshop or e-commerce environment. We do this order import every 10 minutes. You can also use additional datasources to import data to EffectConnect. This is convenient when you are using multiple systems!

Always up-to-date stock on marketplaces

The stock in your shop is always leading for the marketplaces you sell on. Through the order integration, the stock in your web shop is always updated when an order is placed. EffectConnect automatically checks your stock status and sends the right data to the marketplaces.

EffectConnect makes sure the stock on all marketplaces you sell on is updated when you have sold a product and sends entered track&trace codes back to the marketplace. This way you prevent declined sales and make sure your ranking on the marketplace rises.

Features to maximize your marketplace sales

Always be in control of all your marketplace sales: apply super flexible settings to multiple channels or product selections via the Channel Manager.

A Repricer that doesn't just assume the lowest price, but allows you to set up complete scenarios so you always have an optimal price in any situation.

Do you also sell feed channels? Then you can use our Feed Manager to quickly create high-quality data feeds to increase your conversion rate.  

"We wanted a system that could be linked to our inventory system, so that you can have your inventory automated and 'tangible' on"

Pieter Houba - Smeeing Mobility,an offline and online organization that has expanded significantly over the past 50 years as a universal car dealer, leasing company, bicycle store and bicycle battery retailer

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