About EffectConnect

Bart Vintcent started as a web developer in 2003. His team from Koek & Peer B.V. built a complete e-commerce environment for a wholesaler in Helmond in 2008. Bol.com then knocked on their door in 2011, asking if they wanted to sell on their marketplace as one of the first plaza sellers. That is when the idea for EffectConnect was born, which has now grown into our core business which makes a lot of online sellers happy.

The first integration solution for bol.com

When bol.com decided to start a marketplace in 2011 and asked several companies to sell products on their marketplace, it immediately raised the thought with Bart and the owner of the wholesaler in Helmond: "Interesting, but we will only do this with proper automation." And so the first version of the current EffectConnect, the first integrator for bol.com, was born.

Back then, Bart drove to different sellers throughout the country together with bol.com employees to highlight the automation and to connect customers. Bart enjoyed being at the bol.com headquarters where he could be found regularly. This intensified the cooperation between Bart and his team and bol.com, which ensured EffectConnect could be developed in such a way that sellers and bol.com could benefit fully from this. 

Meanwhile we are 10 years down the road and we still have a close cooperation with bol.com. We regularly have brainstorming sessions on how we can further optimize the technique, both on our side and on bol.com's side. Everything to make life easier for external sellers. This cooperation, and the fact that we meet bol.com's high quality standards for integrators, has led us to become bol.com Gold Partner

EffectConnect nowadays

Where Bart Vintcent founded his own company in 2003, later to be called Koek & Peer BV, you now find a complete organisation. The software is professionalised and expanded so customers, all using a wide variety of platforms (webshops), can sell on many different marketplaces. Also the office building, where Bart once started together with one colleague, is now fully occupied by EffectConnect employees. 

The organisation is known for its professionalism, high level of involvement and availability. The team consists of colleagues who love to work together, provide room for opinion and treat each other with respect. EffectConnect, with a joke here and there and a toastie for lunch, is a place where people enjoy working. New colleagues quickly know how to find everyone and easily feel at home. 

All our employees are determined to help our customers at their best efforts. We see that our customers' interests are pursued in every meeting, whether it is by a marketeer, customer success colleague or a developer. Together we are EffectConnect and we are here for our customers. Because we want to and because it makes us happy.