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Automate price changes to claim the buy box

Are you losing sales to the competition and can't adjust prices fast enough? Sellers achieve 80% buy-box retention with the Repricer!

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Are you losing sales to the competition or are you in the buy-box with a price that's too low?

Many Repricers in the market assume the lowest based on generic pricing rules. But it's all about getting the optimal price, under conditions you set, tailored to each product in your catalogue. The best offer is not necessarily the cheapest offer!

Customers that use our Repricer, win the buy-box in 80% of all cases!

5 reasons to work with the Repricer

Fewer pricing rules through smart variables and handy logic

It is not necessary to create many different pricing rules. By working cleverly with variables and logic, you can set the right pricing for a large number of products with a minimal number of rules. This way, adjustments are automatically applied to your entire range, whenever it's necessary.

The right price in any scenario

What price you want to give your product depends on the situation. Are you the only seller? Does a competitor have the buy-box? With Scenario Management, you determine the Repricer's behaviour for each situation. This way, your pricing strategy always matches the current competitive position.

Quick and managable, even with more than 50,000 products

Manually adjusting prices for large quantities of products is not feasible. You simply can't keep up. By using smart product selections, variables from your data and clever logic, you can build smart pricing strategies for many products on multiple marketplaces such as and Amazon in just a few steps. What's more, our Repricer calculates your prices several times an hour based on the current data from the marketplace!

Insight into the competition and the quality of your price level

How do your prices compare to those of the competition? And even more important: how do you plan your price policy to respond to that? Do you go along with every competitor, or do you make choices that depend on different situations? Through insights and variables, you include the price of the competition, but also the quality of your price (Our repricer takes into account the price stars) in your logic.

A pricing strategy that works even when your data changes quickly

Use the Repricer to move from operational, to tactical and strategic price monitoring and achieve growth without losing unnecessary margins. 

"Modern repricing is much more than offering the lowest price".

Mark Doors, co-owner of Habitas, an online and offline retailer, with a range of over 13,000 articles that they sell via, among others. 

Would you like to know more about the use of the Repricer by online cookware retailer Habitas? Then read the interview of with Mark Doors about Repricing with EffectConnect here.

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