Repricer for Amazon

The Amazon Repricer automatically adapts your prices on Amazon based on competitor pricing and according to your rules. This increases your chance of winning the buy-box, it saves a lot of time and it increases your turnover! 

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The Amazon Repricer

You often face competition when you sell products on Amazon. Of course you want to aim for the consumer to choose your products over your competitor's products. But having to keep up with market prices manually is very labour intensive and error-prone. Those days are over with EffectConnect's Repricer for Amazon!

EffectConnect offers a Repricer tool for Amazon, which automatically adapts your prices based on competitor pricing. This enables you to focus on other important matters! We check prices every 20 minutes and update them when necessary.


How does the Amazon Repricer work?

The Amazon Repricer by EffectConnect continuously scans competitor product prices. It then adapts your prices accordingly, following your criteria and based on price changes from competitors.

You determine what products participate and against what price terms. When your competitor drops its price, the Repricer automatically lowers your price as well. When your competitor increases its price, the Repricer will increase your product price automatically as well.

The best sales position on Amazon

The buy-box is the best sales position that marketplaces offer to sellers. When you as a seller are in the buy-box, you will be at the top of the search results of the website visitor. The lion's share of sales on Amazon are generated by products in the buy-box. Amazon places products in this buy-box based on certain criteria. It generally assesses price, delivery time and service standards. 

Do you have excellent service and can you offer short lead times? Then you are ready to use our Amazon Repricer to boost your revenue!

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