Always an up-to-date stock level

No more switching between multiple systems, just your current stock for all your products at any location, easily and conveniently in one central place. 

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Never sell 'No' again

Stock management is an important factor in successful selling on marketplaces. You want your product offering to always be online so you don't have to sell 'no'. Stock can fluctuate quickly, for example due to the influence of seasons, sentiment or holidays. In addition, you may have stock in different locations. Avoid not being able to sell products because of errors in your stock and start today with EffectConnect's order linking!

What does EffectConnect's stock synchronization give you?

A better ranking on marketplaces

One of the parameters to determine your ranking on marketplaces is inventory. As soon as a product is on "not available", you'll drop in the ranking. This means you will miss out on conversions!

By synchronizing the stock from your webshop with the online marketplaces where you sell, you ensure that the stock is always correct and you won't have to sell 'No'.

More control over your marketplace sales

Inventory is affected by the orders you receive. It is therefore crucial that you always establish an order integration in your automation. The orders received are deducted from your stock and updated on other marketplaces. This way you'll never have to work with multiple systems again, but you have everything clearly arranged in a single system. 

By automating, we work much more efficiently and the supply is also more reliable. This gave us extra time to focus on optimising our activities. 

Keshav Balram, E-commerce Manager at Timmermans Tuinmeubelen

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