Do you spend a lot of time managing marketplaces?

Save 50% of your time managing marketplaces

Use our easy-to-use interface to apply intelligent logic to your product and marketplace data. Automate time-consuming tasks when managing your marketplaces.


Always the right product listings, even if your data isn't perfect

Marketplaces require a lot of information when you add product listings. And you may not have all this information in your back office.

EffectConnect lets you create new product data automatically, based on logic on your existing data. That way you don't have to do everything manually.

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Our user-friendly interface prevents human mistakes

Have your product listings ever been taken offline? A mistake is easily made when you work with many marketplaces and many products. 

Our user-friendly interface is designed to prevent human error, even if that error is not technically an error. We prevent unexpected behavior.


Our reliable integrations never miss an order

You have to be able to rely on automation. That's why we've been working on a stable integration platform for years, so you won't miss a single order.

Stock update failed? That's history with our unique validation method.


Simply save time

As a marketplace specialist, you often have a busy schedule. That's why our software is designed to let you work smart and efficiently, taking as much manual work out of your hands as possible.

Product listing

Automatically create products on marketplaces across Europe

Clear interface

Our user-friendly interface saves you as a marketplace specialist a lot of time

Order Management

Our reliable integrations never miss an order

Inventory Management

Always the right stock on marketplaces


Automatically adjust prices in response to changing costs and competition

Smart Data

Create new data with logic, even for more than 100,000 products

Statistics & Analysis

Get a 360-degree view of your marketplace sales with Insights.

Technology leader

We are proven innovators. We are working on our technology leadership every day.

"We operate on 40 marketplaces in 16 countries. In order for everything to run smoothly, we need technical support there. We save a lot of time by automating the processes with EffectConnect."


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