Always have your products available

The Fulfilment manager automatically switches from Fulfilment by Amazon (FbA) or Delivery via Bol (LvB) to own stock, as soon as your stock at the marketplace runs out.

Customers who use our Fulfilment Manager increase their sales by up to 14x!

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Avoid downtime with Delivery via bol or Fulfilment by Amazon

Do you work with various stock locations, both in your own warehouse and at the marketplaces? Would you like your stock management at these locations to be automated so that you can always guarantee a good uptime for your products? 

EffectConnect's Fulfilment Manager immediately switches to stock at your own location as soon as the stock at (LVB) runs out. For FBA Amazon you can use the Fulfilment Manager to set your products to FBA. This saves you a lot of time and more importantly; your product range has a higher uptime!

Why our customers work with the Fulfilment Manager

Significant increase in sales because your product range is always online

Research by Team Retail Technologies at has shown that items that were out of stock at Logistics through sold up to 14 times more from their own stock thanks to the switching of the EffectConnect Fulfilment Manager.

For this study, looked at 8000 items from 20 sellers who sold from both's warehouse and their own warehouse in a given period. Based on this data, the team concluded that these sellers sold up to 14 times more from their own stock after automatic switching by our Fulfilment Manager! 

A system that thinks for you, even when you are not working

With the Fulfilment Manager, you'll always have insight into your stock level at LvB. But of course, you would like to know when that stock is about to run out. That is why we have added a feature for sellers via that allows you to receive a notification when your stock levels fall below a certain level. This way, you have time to deliver new products and you can continuously benefit from the advantages of fulfilment.

"Increasing your scope and revenue is the main reason to start selling on marketplaces. However, it is important to remember to make smart logistic choices so your profit increases as well."

Bart Vintcent, CEO

Discover how the Fulfilment Manager can help you avoid downtime of your product offerings

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