Win the buy box with the Repricer 

The Repricer automatically adjusts your prices on based on the prices of your competitors and according to your rules. This gives you a better chance of winning the buy box, saves you a lot of time and increases your sales!

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The Repricer

EffectConnect offers a Repricer tool for, which automatically adjusts your prices based on the prices charged by competitors. This way you never have to adjust prices yourself and you can focus on more important things! We check and update prices every 20 minutes.

3 reasons for working with the Repricer

The best sales position on in every situation

The best sales position on consists of various components. In general, the price point, delivery time and service standards are considered. If you want to use a good pricing strategy on, you need a Repricer that you can fully adjust to your needs. With scenario management, the EffectConnect Repricer gives you the possibility to create advanced rules, with which you can set the behavior of the Repricer based on different scenarios. 

Buy Box maximisation

Buy Box maximisation is an advanced setting within the Repricer to enable you to keep the Buy Box at the best price for longer without losing sales. With Buy Box maximisation, you get the option to save the last Buy Box price, and to switch it on when you are in danger of losing the purchase block. In this way, you can still increase the price from time to time, and thereby ensure that you will have a higher margin in the buying block.

The only Repricer that includes price stars as a variable!

The price star model indicates the quality of your prices, so that consumers can always buy at a good price via As of now, the EffectConnect Repricer is the only one in the market that can automatically take these price stars into account and make sure your price is always a 4 or 5 star price!

Selling successfully on more than 30 marketplaces in Europe using an efficient repricer strategy

"Many sellers in the market assume their selling price with a certain mark-up. That is how it can often go wrong. We base ourselves on our purchase price, because I have many different brands and you can imagine that with a big brand like Lego you have much less margin than with another brand that you import yourself. Based on that purchase price, I can determine how much profit I want to make. You can only do this properly by automating, especially if you have about 50,000 products like us.

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Mark Ligteringen - Owner of Planet Happy

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