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What EffectConnect can do for your organization

Marketplace integration

In order to sell on marketplaces via EffectConnect, your webshop (or another source) needs to be integrated. This can be done quite easily via one of our plugins or API.

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Order import

For every marketplace you connect with via EffectConnect, we have an order import integration set. With the order import you can automatically import orders from the marketplaces into your own webshop according to your own rules.

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Stock synchronization

EffectConnect synchronizes your stock levels, so it will always be accurate and prevents you from missing out on potential sales. With stock synchronization your stock levels will always be up to date, which is important in the assessment of your ranking position.

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Fulfilment manager

Make sure that your products are always available for delivery;  use the Fulfilment Manager. This module switches immediately from your marketplace stock to the stock at your own location, when your stock runs out on the marketplace. This way you increase the uptime of your products ánd save time!

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Increase your online visibility and advertise on comparison sites, platforms, affiliated networks and marketplaces. We will help you to reach millions of European consumers by delivering feeds with efficiency to the relevant platforms.

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Repricer for marketplaces

Our Repricer adjusts your product prices based on the rules you set and the prices your competitors charge for the product you also offer. This way you have a better chance of getting the buyer box at bol.com, Amazon, fonQ and / or Blokker.

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Free mobile app

We offer all our customers our free mobile app. With this app for iOS and Android you will be able to track everywhere and at anytime your realtime marketplace sales. You'll receive notifications and can compare turnovers.



In order to work with efficiency in the world of e-commerce, it is of importance to set up your company and it processes right. This is not an easy task to do by yourself. That is why EffectConnect offers coaching sessions in which we advise and set up a step-by-step plan to improve your e-commerce business.

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Our support department is the pride and joy of our company! Customers appreciate our support due to the personal, thinking along attitude and the very swift responses to questions. You can reach support by e-mail, phone and chat.

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Free 30 day trial 

You can try out our software 30 days for free with the trial period. During this trial period we will help you get started by telling you about all of the ins and outs of our software and demonstrating them. This way you will start off right!

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Demo video

Curious about EffectConnect? In a few minutes we will explain everything about EffectConnect software, through an online demo that is tailored to your situation. If you have any questions after that, just give us a call, we like it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions or are you curious after our most frequently asked questions? Take a look at our frequently asked questions page, where you will probably find your answer! In case you don't, do not hesitate to contact us. We love to help!

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