Connect your webshop with marketplaces

Use your webshop as a source. Your webshop is leading

Connect your webshop with marketplaces

Connecting your webshop with EffectConnect makes it easy to use your product information you already have in your webshop for listing on marketplaces. It takes a way to pain of manually entering all the data needed to sell your products.

Orders placed on the marketplace you are selling on will automatically be imported to your webshop. You can use the exact orderpicking and logistic processes you already use for processing your webshop orders. The connection rules out manual labor and avoids mistakes!

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Import orders into your webshop

By importing the marketplace orders into your webshop, there’s no more need to manually enter orderdata. It won’t matter for your logistics department whether the order was placed at your own webshop or at a marketplace you’re selling on. Handling will be exactly the same for all orders!

Order updates and track&trace information will automatically be sent to the marketplace of origin. A must-have for a proper marketplace integration and a huge improvement on your seller ranking!

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Keep your stock levels in sync

The stock in your webshop is always leading for the marketplaces where you sell on. The order link makes sure that the stock in your webshop is updated when there is an order.

EffectConnect makes sure that, when you sell a product, your stock is updated for all the marketplaces where you sell on. This way you don’t have to turn customers away and you ensure that your ranking on the marketplace(s) rises.

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  • simple integration to your webshop
  • process orders in your own webshop
  • one central system to work in

Use your webshop as a sales headquarters

Ever had to go through multiple dashboards to handle all your orders? No need to do that anymore 🙂 Because of our seamless integration to your webshop, you can use your own webshop as your sales headquarters to handle all orders from all platforms.

No webshop? No worries! Use our API to connect any application you like to EffectConnect.

Start your 30 day free trial
Can I try EffectConnect?

Sure you can! You can try EffectConnect for free for a period of 30 days.

Do I pay automaticlly after the free trial?

No you don’t. You will pay when you create a subscription with EffectConnect after the trial.

Am I bound to a long-term contract?

No. Your account is monthly terminable. But,.. you may not want to miss the automation we offer!

Does EffectConnect take a revenue share?

No, we don’t. We charge a monthly fee based on the number of marketplaces you connect to. We won’t take any revenue share.