Integrate your webshop with Allegro

When you connect your webshop to your Allegro account through EffectConnect, you can automatically sell via Allegro. The EffectConnect marketplace integration platform saves you a lot of work, leaving you time to grow your business.

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Selling on Allegro

If you want to be successful in Poland, selling through Allegro is a must. Having been active in the market for 22 years, they now have more than 22 million customers every month. 

Allegro is the best known platform in Poland and offers a wide range of products. Think for example of fashion, home & garden, electronics and books. 

The customers in Poland can be reached without large investments, but without automation this can involve a lot of error-prone work.

You can reach these consumers without extra work, by connecting your webshop to Allegro through EffectConnect. This will give you extra turnover, but no extra work!

More about selling on Allegro

  • Seamless integration
  • On Allegro you can sell products in many categories
  • Lower fee compared to other marketplaces
  • Access to data and business management tools
  • Multiple opportunities to promote your products

How to integrate with Allegro?

You can integrate your webshop to Allegro through EffectConnect. By connecting your webshop to Allegro through EffectConnect, your stock on Allegro is always up-to-date, orders are automatically placed in your webshop. 

Orders are also placed automatically in your webshop and, thanks to the track&trace link, you have your delivery reliability well under control.

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