Different brands on marketplaces - this is how Bartogi.nl does it!

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Especially for a large organization, it is convenient that our employees do not have to work in 2 or 3 different systems, but that everything can be arranged from one central location.

We spoke with Michel Kuipers - Online Marketing Specialist at Cuebic (interim at Bartogi.nl).

Bartogi.nl is a webshop for all kinds of shoes, from flip-flops to luxury shoes. Bartogi is a sister company of the Hooijer Footwear Group, importer of well-known brands such as BirkenStock, Sockwell, Toni Pons and many more! Located in the east of the country with up to 70 employees.



Which marketplaces do you sell on?

"We sell products via bol.com, which is the most important marketplace for us. We are also working on an order link for Amazon, because we have a number of brands that we can sell internationally. We are also looking at other marketplaces to connect, but bol.com will remain our main source of income for the time being in terms of marketplaces. "

"For Amazon, we have shifted our focus a little more to Germany. In order to achieve a shorter time-to-market, we have chosen to outsource our logistics to Amazon by using Fulfilment by Amazon. This allows us to guarantee a shorter delivery time and reduces the chance of no-sales. Sometimes we do run into problems around the FBA part, but thanks to EffectConnect's support we can often solve these problems easily."



You are using the Feed Manager, how do you like it?

"When you look at the Feed Management part, we sell a lot through Google Shopping, among other things. Our webshop Bartogi.nl, where we offer all our brands, we mainly use for marketplace sales. Besides this shop, we have created a separate webshop for each brand. This way we can make a dedicated brand webshop for each brand. Through these webshops we feed the Feed Management part, so we can generate traffic to our brand webshops and also so we can continue to guarantee the brand identity of those brands. In this way, the transaction between the customer and the brand really takes place on the webshop itself. Therefore, we make sure that there is also strong branding on the website itself, in order to position the brand well."


In addition to this shop, we have created a separate webshop for each brand. In this way we can make each webshop a dedicated brandshop and guarantee the brand identity of the brand.


"In addition to using marketplaces, we also use affiliate parties to put our products on comparison sites such as Kleding.nl. The Feed Manager is an ideal solution for this, as it allows us to quickly and conveniently share feeds with the relevant affiliate channels and resellers of our products."


How did you end up at EffectConnect?

"Initially we were looking for a suitable partner in the field of Feed Management, but this need expanded to being able to link with marketplaces. It was important to us that the partnership would be a good fit for us and our products."

"Working on an interim basis for various e-commerce companies, I regularly come into contact with organizations that offer marketplace links and Feed Management. Looking at Bartogi's needs, we ended up with EffectConnect because you offer both solutions. Especially for a large organization it is convenient that our employees don't have to work in 2 or 3 different systems, but that everything can be arranged from a central location. That has been a strong motivator for us to not only choose EffectConnect's Feed Management system, but also to house the order link with you."

"When you look at the functionalities of EffectConnect, there is some overlap with competitors' software. The difference for us is in the help we get, the customer service you offer. With that, you guys stand out far above the competition. That's what makes you powerful."



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