Integrate your webshop with Cdiscount

You can have automated sales if you integrate your webshop or other e-commerce environment with your Cdiscount account by using EffectConnect. Our marketplace integration platform saves a lot of time, which you can spend on growing your organisation instead. 

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Selling on Cdiscount

Cdiscount is a major French E-commerce platform comparable to They also offer a broad product portfolio, similar to This wide assortment offers a lot of opportunities for sellers in different product groups. (B2B marketplace) merged with (B2C) since March 2020. This means you can reach both target groups via one platform. 

Did you know that Cdiscount attracts at least 23 million monthly visitors? Those customers can be reached without large investments, but this is very error-prone if you don't use proper automation. You can reach those consumers and corporate buyers (who often order 4 to 5 times more at once) without extra work, by integrating your webshop with Cdiscount today via EffectConnect. This increases revenue, without extra work!

More about selling on Cdiscount

  • Belgium, Germany, France and Italy
  • 23 million monthly visitors
  • Both B2C as B2B sales since March 2020
  • Cdiscount charges 4,8%-15% commission per product sold
  • Cdiscount maintains an open listing
  • Cdiscount charges a monthly selling fee of €39,99
  • You can sell products in every category on Cdiscount
  • You need to be able to offer customer service in the French language.

How to integrate with Cdiscount?

You can integrate your webshop or other e-commerce system with Cdiscount by using EffectConnect. Your product portfolio will be available for every Cdiscount visitor when you integrate your webshop with Cdiscount via EffectConnect. 

We ensure up-to-date stock levels at all times and orders to be placed automatically in your webshop. Our track&trace integration ensures excellent control over delivery reliability. 

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