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You can start your automated sales by using EffectConnect to integrate your webshop with your Fnac account. Our marketplace integration platform helps you to save work, so you can spend that time on continuing to grow your business. 

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Selling on Fnac

Fnac is a large French department store and online marketplace, mainly active in selling electronics, household equipment and books. This is a major player in the market with an annual revenue of 3.9 billion Euro and worth paying attention to. Fnac acquired the Darty Group in 2016, which comprises of several marketplaces, amongst others Vanden Borre. 

Fnac now has physical stores in more countries, such as Andorra, Belgium, Tunesia, Switserland, Luxembourg, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Qatar. You can easily reach those consumers, by using EffectConnect to integrate your webshop with Fnac. This increases your revenue, without extra work!

More about selling on Fnac

  • Active in Belgium and France
  • 20 million unique monthly visitors
  • Monthly selling fee at Fnac is €39,99
  • Sell in every product category
  • Commission of 6,5% to 16% per product sold
  • Having a French speaking customer service is required

How to integrate with Fnac?

You can integrate your webshop with Fnac via EffectConnect. By ysing EffectConnect, you can make your product portfolio available to all visitors on Fnac. 

We also ensure accurate stock levels at all times and marketplace orders are sent automatically to your webshop. OUr track&trace integration enables your to have full control over your delivery reliabiltity. 

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