Fulfilment manager

Increase the uptime of your products ánd save time!

Fulfilment manager for FBA
Fulfilment manager for LVB

Always in stock

When your products are selling quick on the marketplace, they will eventually run out of stock. By the time that your stock with the marketplace has run out, it will show the product as ''out of stock''. Even though you have plenty of inventory at your own location. Shame!

The fulfilment manager of EffectConnect will switch immediately to the stock at your own location as soon as the inventory at the marketplace runs out. This way your products will remain in-stock everywhere!

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Prevent downtime!

The time a product is online and for sale is called the up-time of your product. When you have a non-stop stock, your up-time will probably be fine. However, when the stock levels drop to zero every now and then it can affect the up-time.

The latter is quite common with LvB (Logistics via bol.com) or FbA (Fulfilment by Amazon) sellers. Despite monitoring your inventory regularly, it so happens that the refill of the inventory at the marketplace does not happen fast enough, which results in your products going offline. Disastrous for your revenue!

EffectConnect to the rescue!

The fulfilment manager of EffectConnect offers the possibility to track your inventory of LvB or FbA.

This way  you will be able to switch your inventory to regular plaza stock in your EffectConnect account, when it drops to zero on the marketplace. You will save a lot of manual labor and increase the up-time of your product!

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Voorraadmelding lvb

Notification low LvB stock level

The Fulfillment manager allows you to always have an overview on your inventory level at LvB. It is important to keep this level high enough to keep delevering via LvB. 

Especially for sellers via bol.com we've added a feature which gives you the option to receive a notification when your inventory drops below a certain level. This gives you time to deliver new products and to keep enjoying the benefits of LvB.

The fulfillment manager of EffectConnect immediately switches to the stock at your own location as soon as your stock has been used up at the marketplace. This way your products will always be available!

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