Integrate your webshop with Groupon

If you link your webshop to your Groupon account through EffectConnect, you can automatically sell through Groupon. The EffectConnect marketplace integration platform helps you save a lot of work, leaving you time to further grow your business.

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Selling on Groupon

Groupon is one of the best known platforms for vouchers, but they also offer a marketplace for products! By joining Groupon, you can make use of Groupon's huge reach to increase your sales. 

Groupon offers a wide range of products, so it is quite easy to offer your products on the platform. Groupon's marketplace is designed to establish ongoing relationships between businesses and consumers. So you can find loyal customers!

More about selling on Groupon

  • No upfront costs
  • Algorithm that finds a suitable target group
  • Channel to increase brand awareness
  • Flexible pricing
  • All-in-one marketing platform

How to integrate with Groupon?

You can connect your webshop to Groupon through EffectConnect. By connecting your webshop to Groupon through EffectConnect, your assortment is for sale to all visitors on Groupon.

We will make sure that the order and shipment integration between your webshop and Groupon is always live. 

Want to know more about a Groupon integration?

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